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I help organisations by leading and delivering transformational IT strategy and leading, building and maturing architectural teams and architectural capability.


Relationship building: I have an excellent track record of achieving challenging outcomes by building strong key relationships at all levels including both senior strategy and directorial colleagues and also the technical people required to prioritise and execute work.  I have played a key role as a partner and go to person for Business Leaders being effective with one foot in the business’ world and one in technology’s to the benefit of both. 
Having worked for many years in LLP organisations which often operate in a background of not infrequent tensions between Senior Partners I have learned how to get the most out of challenging relationships with a mixture of enlightened self-interest, persuasion, open friendliness and sometimes insistence.  The successful outcomes achieved in my various roles would not have been possible without these relationship skills.


Strategy and Vision: With 33 years of IT experience, the last 11 as a Lead or Consulting Enterprise Architect, I have a rich and diverse range of skills and a wealth of experience in quickly understanding complex domains and delivering clear direction and strategy. The successful outcomes of this have been deliverable and realistic strategies and roadmaps grounded in Business Outcomes and balancing coexistence of older systems with transformational new IT services.  The various roles I have had over the length of my career and especially in Enterprise Architecture have enabled me to understand and deliver multi-facetted roadmaps and communications targeted specifically at the intended audience.



Leadership: I have a consistent track record of leading and sometimes creating or re-creating teams of various sizes and functional mixes from 4-5 EAs to deliver specific transformation projects to creating a new Enterprise Architecture function with a mixed team of 4 EAs and 12 Solutions Architects, inspiring and developing people to deliver both value to the business and their own personal development.  The success of these teams pivots on their ability to communicate the Strategy and Vision across their business relationships, it is not enough that I evangelise alone, I have found that need to mentor and guide a team who are communicators and evangelists as well as technical experts.  

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Christine Gould
Fellow of the Britsh Computer Socienty 

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